Welcome to the New MIDDLE EAST UNION

world-me-coexistThe Middle East Union Congress (MEUC) is a world class alternative grass roots Think Tank that aims to develop and implement a brand new path forward for a new dynamic modern 21st Century Middle East.

The goal is to bring the best young minds together to spark ideas and put forth a genuine unique plan that will unify all the good peoples under a just and free union within an empowering successful and global competitive economic zone that is expected to be over 800,000,000 citizens strong by 2050.

Formed in 2014, MEUC aims to implement the plan by 2050 and establish a new paradigm that provides political and economic prosperity for all the peoples using the latest technologies and systems in a new union of the people, by the people and for the people.

Middle East Union provisional flag 2050

Middle East Union provisional flag 2050

The MEUC aims to empower each MEUC citizen with the full natural rights of man including freedom of expression and freedom of religion as the cornerstones of a new 21st century Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We dream of a Middle East that is empowered, free, and governs for all it’s peoples at the highest level of being in a new world where the Middle East Union is an important integral part of a greater global community that pledges its allegiance to the earth and every human on it.


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